I’m beating diabetes one bite at a time!

Hi, I’m glad you’re here! I haven’t updated this blog in years but I was inspired recently (my doctor has allowed me to stop all diabetes medications on a trial run)  and so I plan on continuing to tell my story. I still have diabetes, but not as bad as my last post at the end of 2012 (where my AC1 was a crazy 11.7). As you can tell by some of the recipes, I didn’t always have the right facts about diabetes and often tread down the wrong path. After being on roller coaster diets for 7 years, I think I’m finally starting to figure this thing out. Stay tuned!

F. Oliver's Oven-Baked Fries | ContraryCook.com
Roasted Cabbage with Garlic and Olive Oil. A sweet taste like caramelized onions and full of crunchy garlicky goodness. Get the recipe at ContraryCook.com
These quick and easy, low-fat Irish soda muffins bake in just 25 minutes and are a terrific on-the-go breakfast.
Better For You Banana Bread: Moist & dense with less fat and less calories than traditional recipes | ContraryCook.com
Vegan Spinach and Portobello Mushroom Lasagna | ContraryCook.com
Crawfish Salad with a Southern Remoulade Sauce | ContraryCook.com

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