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  1. Christine Reda
    Christine Reda says:

    I’m so confused now, she is promoting low carb and you’re doing plant based, potatoes, etc. So do you not put ketchup on your baked fries?

    • Contrary Cook
      Contrary Cook says:

      Well, she’s promoting low “refined” carbs and processed foods (she advocates the 80/20 rule) but not a low carb diet in general. Her point was that sugar *used* to be a treat, but now, thanks to the processed food industry, refined sugars are found in almost everything. I regulary eat over 200 grams NET carbs a DAY (over 160% of what’s recommended for my height and weight) but I pick whole foods for the most part, and so my blood sugar numbers remain fine. When a little sugar ends up in my ketchup, I don’t really sweat it, at all. I mean, I do avoid ketchups with high fructose corn syrup, obviously, but her lecture was more about “cronic” sugar and processed food consumption. I’d say my diet is pretty close to 85/15. 85% plant-based whole foods, with 15% processed foods like ketchup, vegan mayos, hot sauces, the occasional bagel or tortilla wrap, burger bun, etc. When I slip and cave to the cravings, it’s usually dairy cheese that’s to blame, and there’s usually pizza involved, too (no animal meat ever, though, because that’s just mean and barbaric.). But I try to keep those slips to a bare minimum. Annie’s Naturals Organic Ketchup (in case you’re wondering).

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