3 Days. 1 Pound. Breakfast is Good.

When I started this blog (3 days ago), I was a slothy 270 pounds. Today I am a slothy 269 pounds.

The only thing I changed was eating 1/2 cup of oatmeal in the morning for breakfast and having 2 martini’s instead of having six beers over the course of a couple of meals. Everything else in my daily routine was the same. I had a garbage plate last night (2 cheeseburgers w/ mac salad and fries, extra hot sauce, of course) and I completely overdid it at Rosh Hashanah the night before. Yet I still managed to lose one pound in three days just by eating breakfast.

At this rate, I’m on target to lose over a hundred pounds this year, right? LOL, I’m sure that’s not how it works, but I’d settle for a good fighting weight of about 200 pounds (that’s about what I weighed in 8th grade).

Tonight, I will celebrate this 1 pound victory over a ham and cheese sandwich, chips, and a martini.

What I Learned…

1. Creating new habits are hard.
2. New habits are easy if you just commit.
3. I am delusional if I think I can lose 1lbs every 3 days

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