Chicken Cordon Crumbly Bleu

Chicken Cordon Crumbly Bleu |

This chicken cordon crumbly bleu turned out pretty good. I used crumbly blue cheese instead of the salty, rich sauce that the recipe called for. Funny how fancy the picture looks with just one single portion and leafy greens. Is this how real people eat? Or just on TV?

This recipe is super simple because most of the fancy footwork for this cordon bleu had to do with making the sauce. I skipped that part altogether and just substituted some crumbly blue instead. The blue cheese is itself rich and more than compensated for the lack of cream sauce.

This is day one of diabetes. I have no freakin’ idea if this dish is what I am supposed to be eating or not. I’m still learning, but I have to assume that smaller portions, vegetables, chicken and low sodium must be OK.

I also had a glass of red wine instead of a beer.

What I Learned…

  1. Doing dishes sucks.
  2. Simple recipes look GREAT with good photography.
  3. Portion control is hard (I ate three of them).
  4. Red wine is delicious (2006 Bonterra Organic Merlot).
  5. Portion control is hard (I drank the whole bottle).
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