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I set up a Twitter account in the hopes of finding other people living with diabetes that I can network with. Through Twitter I’ve already found a great blog written by Kerri Morrone Sparling called Six Until Me and a few others. You can follow me on Twitter if you want to keep updated. I’ll post the feed here eventually so you can visit the blog to view my tweets instead of having to set up a Twitter account.

I also changed the title of my blog to, “Beating Diabetes One Bite at a Time” to reflect the new direction its going to take.

Last night was the first time I took the diabetes medicine. I didn’t sleep very well. I don’t know if the Avandamet was to blame or not.

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  1. Kerri.
    Kerri. says:

    Hey again. I’m glad you are finding other people with diabetes out there, and I’m happy to know you visited my blog. I’ve been living with type 1 diabetes since the age of seven, just before I started second grade. I manage my disease with an insulin pump, a continuous glucose meter, healthy eating, regular exercise, and the occasional well-timed “ARGHHHHH!”

    There are a lot of resources out there for people with diabetes. I work for a diabetes media company called dLife ( where you can find a lot of information for both the newly diagnosed and the seasoned diabetic. 😉 Also, there are social networks for people with diabetes like Diabetes Daily ( and TuDiabetes ( where you can connect with others.

    I just wanted to pop in and let you know that even though you are faced with a huge life change and many questions, there are people who can help. And you aren’t alone.

    If there’s anything I can help with, please feel free to contact me. And I wish you all the best!!

    – Kerri.


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