Crawfish at Sammy’s Grill

Eating Crawfish at Sammy's Grill | Baton Rouge |

Sammy’s Grill was recommended as a place where the locals go to eat, and since I’m all about the authentic LA experience, I couldn’t wait to go. They also said that Sammy’s had the best crawfish in Baton Rouge, and I’ve never eaten a crawfish, like, you know, how they are supposed to be eaten (boiled, whole), so I was doubly excited.

Well, they were right. It is a locals joint. I’ve never felt like such a tourist in all my life, and it was a bit uncomfortable at first. I was thinking to myself, “As a 6′ 2″, 260 pound man with a big presence, perhaps wearing a pink polo shirt wasn’t the right choice tonight, Michael.”. I felt like all eyes were on us and I even asked my wife if she wanted to leave.

LOL. But that all changed quickly. Ancient history. It was all in my imagination. Our server was super-sweet and she taught me how to eat them. I made a mess, but they were delicious.

Sammy’s might be my new favorite place.

Update: I wish I had seen Jay Ducote’s post, “How to Eat Louisiana Crawfish” a month earlier! Here is the video segment.

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