I’m not an expert. This blog shares my personal experience with diabetes and some of the steps that I took to get the disease under control. Your mileage may vary. Eating well is a very powerful thing and along the way I was required to reduce and then eventually eliminate all of my diabetic medications because food is such effective medicine. The last year of my diabetic journey was taken under the guidance of a physician (who also happens to be vegan). You should work with your healthcare provider as well.

This blog provides some health advice and other information related to health care, but is not intended to replace the regular care or advice of your own doctor. You should seek out your physician’s counsel before embarking on any medical program or following the program outlined on this website. Again, had I not sought the counsel of my doctor, I would not have known when to stop taking my diabetes medication and could have faced serious problems as a result.

The information presented here is for educational purposes only. It should not be considered as specific medical, nutritional, lifestyle, or other health-related advice for anyone and is not given as such. All efforts have been made to assure the accuracy of the information I publish here, but I disclaim all liability for any medical outcomes that may occur as a result of following the advice found on this blog.

The bottom line is, food is medicine and needs to be given the same respect that you give pharmaceutical medications.

Good luck on your own journey!




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