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I never thought I would buy anything from Groupon, but they offered a “Gulf Coast” cookbook recently, and since I finally have a kitchen here in Baton Rouge (and I wanted to learn about Southern cooking), I picked it up.

As a bonus, I got to meet the author, Holly Clegg, and she signed my book!

She was a sweetheart. So nice. So pretty. She signed my book, “You’re one of my favorite guy fans!”. Probably because I was the only guy in the whole long line, but still! She and I talked, and I told her my story about how I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes a few years ago and I how I reversed it with diet and nutrition (and learning how to cook!). I also told her about how I gained it all back and now have to start over. She had great words of inspiration and encouragement and I think I’ll get back on track.

“Don’t stop. Keep going!” she said.

I’ll keep going, Holly, I promise, and thanks.

The book-signing was at Matherne’s Supermarket on Highland Road. In my old hometown, there are like 4 grocery stores in the entire city, and most of them are owned by the same company. Here in Baton Rouge, there’s a different grocery store every 2 miles! I’ve been to a few here in Baton Rouge so far, and I haven’t been overly-impressed.

Matherne’s Supermarket was the exception, though. It’s a middle-ground between the over-the-top production of a Whole Foods and the quaint, homey-feel of a mom-and-pop-run smaller grocery store. The produce was fresh, the prices were good, and the employees were super-friendly and helpful. Who could ask for more?

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