Go to the Gym, Lose Weight

Go to the Gym, Lose Weight | ContraryCook.com

As it turns out, if you go to the gym with any regularity, chances are that you’ll lose weight. What a concept!

I renewed my gym membership last year but I never went. Not even once. Coincidentally, the day before I decided to pay the gym a visit, their sales rep called because it was time for me to renew (again). So thoughtful of them to call!

I’ve been trying to go a few times a week. The holidays got in the way, of course, and I didn’t get there as much as I wanted, but I was still surprised to see that I lost seven pounds. I probably could have made it 10lbs if I was a little more disciplined. It gives me hope that I might actually hit my 30lb goal before my cruise at the end of March.

What I Learned…

  1. Getting to the gym is 9/10ths of the battle. Once I was there, I worked hard.
  2. This particular gym is inconveniently located (20 minute drive each way). Might explain why I didn’t go (OK, no it doesn’t).
  3. Not a lot of fat people like me go to the gym (not mine, at least).
  4. I need to alternate walking, upright riding, and recumbent riding. Otherwise I ache and I don’t go.
  5. I run like an elephant runs, but more awkwardly.
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