Sears Delivers New Stove

Sears Delivers New Stove | I finally took steps to get our stove fixed. I bought a new stove, instead. Turns out that all of the companies that do repairs will only do them within the hours of nine-to-five and they don’t do Saturdays. The stove was almost 15 years old and pretty dirty, so I figured it was worth spending a few hundred extra bucks to get a new one rather than take a half-day of vacation and $200 to get it fixed. It’s a beauty.

Have I mentioned that my stove hasn’t worked in over a year?

I had a really great sales person at Sears, Jen Chamberlain. She was very knowledgeable and truly seemed to care about my making the right purchase. She was meticulous and everything was delivered on time. The delivery guys were awesome as well, in and out in 25 minutes. Ya know, people like to knock Sears, but man, I just had the greatest buying experience there.

What I Learned…

  1. Sears is still a relevant store (for appliances at least).
  2. Name brand (but cheap) appliances are almost a commodity.
  3. People can live a year without cooking on a stove.
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