Crawfish Salad with a Southern Remoulade Sauce |

Crawfish Salad with Remoulade Sauce

Remoulade is a sauce that originated in France and was adopted…
Eating Crawfish at Sammy's Grill

Crawfish at Sammy’s Grill

Sammy's Grill was recommended as a place where the locals…
Coconut & Red Snapper Ceviche |

Coconut & Red Snapper Ceviche

Since Selena's, our local "authentic" Mexican restaurant…
Mestemacher pumpernickel bread and scallops |

Leftovers v1

I had a few pieces of Mestemacher pumpernickel bread, a half-dozen…
Salmon with Kidney Bean Salsa |

Salmon with Kidney Bean Salsa

I meet with my doctor tomorrow morning to learn how to measure…
Lazy Blackened Sea Scallops |

Lazy Blackened Sea Scallops

I was feeling tired and lazy tonight so I whipped up this…