Morningstar Vegan Veggie Burgers: Sometimes You Just Run Out of Time

Morningstar Vegan Veggie Burgers |

Everyone runs out of time. Time is the enemy, and time is our most precious commodity. We lose track of it sometimes. And sometimes it’s just too late to cook. But that’s no excuse to retreat to the dark side by hitting a fast-food drive-thru. I ran out of time to cook this evening but I was still able to put together something relativity healthy from my freezer.

Tonight I had 2 Morningstar Farms Grillers Vegan Veggie Burgers with tomato, onion, cabot sharp cheese, with pickles on rye bread (oh, and some light mayo). It was grilly, grilly good. I’ve tried Bocca Vegan Burgers in the past and I think I might like Morningstar’s just a little bit better. I’ll do more of a scientific taste test in a future post. Morningstar’s just tasted, I dunno, grillier. And yeah, that was a huge freakin’ slice of onion. I need to brush my teeth.

For comparison, a Double Whopper with Cheese has 64 grams of fat (24g Saturated Fat) compared to my measly 21 grams of fat (6g Saturated Fat). Also the pumpernickel bread is low (41) on the glycemic index compared to white flour bread (70), which means my blood sugar is going look A-okay tonight.

Nutritional Information

  • 630 Calories
  • 21g Fat
  • 53.5g Carbs
  • 38g Protein

NOTE: 2-hour post-meal blood sugar level 119mg/dl. Below <140 average.

Morningstar Vegan Veggie Burgers |

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